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Three Gimli residents, Rosalie Dixon, June Valgardson and Ann Rudd were the driving forces behind 
the establishment of a group of local artists in 1969. It was their desire to establish a group of artists 
that would create an environment of exploration, learning and support for one another while they developed their skills.

On April 14, 1969 the first meeting was held and 32 people enrolled as the first members. The first class was held April 21, 1969 in the Geo. Johnson Elementary School. In 1972 the R.M. and Town of Gimli Development Corporation donated the use of a small building on the waterfront area where the group met once a week. Membership grew steadily and the need for a larger building arose. Tremendous dedication and an exceptional amount of work done by the members and community volunteers made the addition of a new building possible. Fund raising and financial assistance from area Government agencies enabled the Club to build the addition and upgrade the old facilities. This extra space for the growing Club was opened in 1983.

The Gimli Art Club has endeavoured to enrich the lives of area residents by providing exposure and appreciation of the visual arts. In the beginning years each July, an art show was held in the building's Gallery. It attracted hundreds for the annual event. The Club has actively participated in local events contributing where they can to the advancement of the arts experience.

In 1997 the first strokes of paint were applied to the start of the 977 foot Seawall structure in the harbour. This was the beginning of a commitment from the member artists to beautify the harbour by painting colourful murals that portray histories and events from our Interlake area. With the donation of a total of 69 murals over the past 12 years, this Mural Gallery has become a unique and well-known landmark and is visited by tourists from around the globe. The long-awaited Seawall Gallery Book published in 2009, marked the Club's 40th Anniversary.

It is the intent of the Gimli Art Club to leave a legacy to the residents through their community participation. Over 40 years of dedication and hard work have been rewarded with pride and the satisfaction of making a contribution to the community.

October 18th, 2009

The History of the Gimli Art Club & Members:
© 2012 Gimli Art Club Inc.
President:         Ainslie Davis
Vice President: Moray McVey
Secretary:         Terry Mellway
Treasurer:         Marian Cranston

Members at Large:  Olive Hnatiuk
                                  Colleen Chubey
                                  Garth Gillespie
                                  Pam Isfeld
Current Executive:
President's Message:
Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

The Gimli Art Club is proud to be a vital part of the flourishing arts community of Gimli and the Interlake.

With over seventy plus Members now, we continue to produce an amazing range of works including Stone and Wood carvings, Jewellery, Fused and Stained glass, Paintings in every medium, Drawings and Photography and so much more!

Our volunteer run organization has been around since 1969 and is committed to keeping art alive Gimli and the surrounding Interlake area with:

*The ongoing member restoration of the Harbour Seawall, established by the Gimli Art Club in 1997
* Our Pottery programs for children 
* Being Participants in the WAVE Interlake Artists Studio Tour, June and September, Venue No.30
* Our Celebration of Manitoba arts during Culture Days in September:
     * With an Open House during the day, member demos, in painting and pottery.
     * Nuit Blanche evening events, Chain Saw wood carving demo and painting activities in the Studio
* Fall and Winter Workshops

Our Harbour Gallery is open daily, 11:00 - 5:00, from the May Long weekend through to September Long weekend, and will continue on after (weekends only) through the fall and during the pre Christmas season. Come and visit us on Saturdays and Sundays between 11:00 - 4:00.

Mid September our Back Gallery is transformed into a working space where artists mentor each other, partake in workshops in a diverse range of mediums and keep the club and our members actively pursuing artistic endeavours year round.

We welcome your feedback. Feel free to contact the Executive at our email address:  gacexecu@gmail.com

GAC President​