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Colleen Chubey
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I grew up in Winnipeg and now hang a hat in the Hnausa area. With a career 
in the I.T. world on the retirement shelf, I can now spend creative time with clay, photography, and glass.

I have been throwing clay for about 5 years and have worked with different teachers in a few studios in Winnipeg. I love the idea of creating art that can be used everyday like mugs, bowls, and platters. Serving wholesome, delicious food on a beautiful platter seems to add to a meal's experience and tea just seems to taste better when it's in a handmade mug.  

Photography has been a passion for me. Sometimes, capturing an image is being completely in that moment and appreciating the subject, the shapes and lines, the colors, the light… almost a meditative thing. Other times, capturing an image is being outside of that moment and seeing the story that it tells. And now and then, capturing an image is just a fun selfie. I love capturing images. In my mind’s eye, it happens many, many times each day. Occasionally I have my camera capturing those images, too.

I love playing with the colours and textures of glass. I find it interesting to try and combine glass with other natural elements. It is a breathtaking moment when you hold a completed piece up to a sunny window for the first time.