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Erika Hanneson
Four Leaf Dishes
Knit Wear Series - Hanging Hearts
Knit Wear Series - Pie Plate - Navy
Knit Wear Series - Plate - Teal
Knit Wear Series - Round Dish minis
Knit Wear Series - Square Dish mini
Knit Wear Series - Square Dish - minis
Knit Wear Series - Square Dish minis 2
Leaf Dish - teal
Maple Leaf Tealight Holders
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My introduction to pottery began at Stoneware Studios in Winnipeg. There I
immediately fell in love with clay as an artistic medium. Wanting to further my
studies, I enrolled in the School of Art at the University of Manitoba and
graduated in 2013 with a major in ceramics.

I develop my ideas through experimentation of form, surface and firing methods. I
strive to create pieces that are both appealing to sight and to touch. Recent work
includes a series of dishware and objects created from locally found leaves and
another body of work inspired by sweaters and handmade tablecloths. These
pieces capture the textures of knitted and crocheted items while remaining foodsafe,
functional pottery.

Pottery is functional, touchable art meant to be used and enjoyed.Profile​

Sculpture/Tilework/Function Ware Ceramics