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Featured Artist

Janet Cruse

​I joined the GAC for the first time.  

While I started as ODTAA Woodcarving, I am now just promoting ODTAA because I am almost digital, 3D printing my creations.

I have been on the Wave Tour for years and am a member at Gwen Fox Gallery.

My motto in life as well as art is to go boldly forward in new directions. Visit my studio, ODTAA, in which the computer is a tool in the creation of original art. Find pendants and, this year, rings. SEE an artist, who is 76 and not afraid to learn. Be intrepid - make an appointment for a free 2 hour demo on a computer and open the door to 2019.
A Kindness of Ravens
Alien (front)
Butterfly Medley
Cascade Pendant
Celestial Pendant
Cross Pendant
Runic Pendant
Sun Pendant
Butterfly Ring
Final Spaceship Ring
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