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Raye Anderson

Raye grew up in Scotland and emigrated to Canada in 1972.

She studied Theatre in Edinburgh and qualified as a drama teacher. She was Education Director at the Prairie Theatre Exchange in Winnipeg for 15 years and taught both theatre and arts education at the University of Manitoba. She has worked as an actor, a playwright, a director and workshop leader. Raye’s work has taken her from Yellowknife and Churchill, MB, in the North to the West Indies in the South, across Canada from seaboard to seaboard, and back to her UK homeland.

Raye left Winnipeg to be Artistic Director of the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama and went on to be Director of Arts Learning for the EPCOR CENTRE (Calgary Centre for the Performing Arts) before returning to Manitoba in 2006.

Raye has always been interested in how different art forms connect. She is working right now on a project that combines art and storytelling to examine women storytellers, their lives, their myths and their stories.

Raye’s artwork is influenced by her background in Theatre. She works with masks and and the human body. Her recent work is largely in loose watercolour and ink drawing but you will also find encaustics, oils and batiks in her collection.

Raye’s studio is Whigmaleerie, just south of Winnipeg Beach. You can find her on the WAVE Artist tour at site 14 and on their website, www.watchthewave.ca . She is one of the Winnipeg Beach group of artists and is listed on their walking tour map. Her studio is also open by appointment: contact her at raye77@mymts.net.

The Ladies of the Lake
Wedding Ring
In Our Dreams
The Juniper Tree
The Knitter
Santa Baba
When Shall We Three Meet Again?
Baba Yaga
Purple Puppy Pig
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