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Susanne Pascal

I have loved creative work and play since childhood, attracted to painting, drawing, writing, and sculpting at various points in my life. I grew up in rural Manitoba as a railway brat (a lost middle child in a family of 7) until Winnipeg and work claimed the largest part of my adult years. I have been blessed with a career of nursing and counseling that has kept my creativity alive in a whole variety of ways.

Since moving to Gimli almost 6 years ago, I am often inspired by the beauty of the seasons, the shifting moods of the lake, the natural world and the sheer delight of color. I am profoundly touched by the realms of the symbolic, the spiritual, and the inner depths of being.
Painting has captured my creative energies since I retired from working full time as a Registered Nurse in 2014. I am mostly familiar with acrylic and have begun to experiment with watercolor… there is no end to learning and growing as an artist!

Painting and writing ground me and provide nourishment for the soul. It is when I am able to touch or inspire someone through these artistic expressions that I find meaning and fulfilment through my art. I feel blessed by the Spirit of Creation. I believe in the power of the written word and the painted canvas to inspire, to transform, to make whole the human spirit. To write and paint well and true is grace; these are gifts that must be shared.

Email: pascals@mymts.net​​
Phone: 204-642-1296

Angel Song
Cosmic Creation 1
Cosmic Creation 2
Creek at Sunset
Morning on the Lake
Mountaintop Moment
Popping Poppies
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