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Warren Wenzel

Although I have worked in many different mediums it is in stone that I feel the strongest connection to nature. I begin each piece with a vision of the finished sculpture but I have learned to listen to the rock, to adjust the shape as I carve. When I hear the rock sing I know I am on the right path, helping the stone reveal its true nature.

When I work with stone I am reminded that this comes from Nature and I am changing the life of this rock and releasing what is inside. I begin each piece by envisioning what is trapped beneath and I must free it from it’s prison. This I do by removing what is not supposed to be there. I know the piece is right when the rock sings to me, it starts to become more true to it’s form and it has a clear crystal like tone. This is when I know I have done the right thing and am freeing the spirit from the stone. It is almost like the rock is telling me yes thank you, this is what I want the world to see me as. When people see my work, I want them to wonder to question and to have a sense of peace and to feel the need to touch this vision in stone. I know that this is artist fluff but it is truly what I feel when the piece is right. Success is freeing one to be viewed by the world and moving on to the next to free another. 

Born : September 5, 1955 in Leader Saskatchewan
College Degree : Red Deer College 1976 in Art and Design
Retired : Worked at NAIT as a printer Graphic tradesman and Photocopier Specialist
Married: to my wife of 30 years and blessed with 2 children

Achievements :
2013Selected as one of the new artists to be on the 2014 Wave Art tour 
2008-2013Commissioned to create several retirement gifts for NAIT staff, including members of the Board of Governors and the Chief Financial Officer/ Vice President of Financial.
2008Designed the NAIT Ceremonial Mace 
2008-2012Served as President of the Sculptors Association of Alberta
2010Two pieces purchased by the Alberta Foundation of the Arts to be displayed in Alberta House during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver
2009Sculpture purchased as part of the Parkland County 2009 art program
2002-2012Annual participation in all Sculptors Association of Alberta art shows

I have always had one foot firmly planted in the art world with drawing, painting and teaching art camps for children, however when I received a piece of stone and a set of chisels as a gift it sparked a new passion for the creative process. It is in sculpture that I have truly found my voice as an artist. 

Although I have shown my work in the Edmonton area it is my website that has allowed me to show my work to a much larger audience and I now have pieces in Australia, England, Toronto and Vancouver. 

I have attended sculpture symposiums in Westbank, and Vancouver Island BC and have had to honour of working alongside some of Canada’s premier sculptors.

I live, I breathe, I sculpt.

email : warrenwenzel@gmail.com or wbw_art@hotmail.com
phone : 204-651-2600
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