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Carol Hébert


Stained glass windows are never static. Various textures & shades of colour add to their effect.  In course of the day, they are animated by changing light, their patterns wandering across the floor, inviting your thoughts to wander with them. 

Carol invites you to visit her studio.  Nestled among the trees at Willow Creek, just a few kilometres south of Gimli.

“There’s something magical about glass.” “It’s absolutely mesmerizing to watch the colors dance around a room.”  “Glass allows us to capture the beauty of nature in time-honoured traditional works with the age-old art of stained glass.”

Love for her medium, stained glass & fused glass, is evident in her artwork!  You are invited to visit as you are sure to find something that will, "Cat'ch Yer Eye"! 


Open year round by appointment.



Email: or thru 


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