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Our Mission

The mission of the Gimli Art Club is to foster and promote the spirit of art in the community through education and participation in community activities along with exhibiting art to the public.

As a teaching and mentoring club, we encourage the development and exploration of all art media, both traditional painting, sculpture and pottery as well as currently popular media and styles of art.  In our weekly groups and occasional workshops. members are encouraged to fine tune their talents and try out new media. 

In the summer we have two galleries and in the winter, the second gallery becomes a workspace for members to meet and practice their art.  The club also has a pottery room equipped with wheels, kiln and workspace.

We currently offer for sale a wide range of styles and media including, stained glass, fused glass, jewlery, batik, photography, painting, pottery and sculpture as well as cards and smaller items.

The club takes part in many yearly events in the community by hosting groups, doing demos and planning and participating in events in fun activities for all ages.


The Gimli Art Club recognizes student achievement in art through an annual award presented to a student from the high school.

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