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Joan Mayhew



Growing up in Nova Scotia, Joan was surrounded by fantastic artists and creators.  The atmosphere was amazingly creative.  So she thought “Why not give it a try?”  Joan took different community classes in sketching and pottery, but did not pursue art full time until just two years ago.  She had found the art media that most interested her are the ones that she could get the dirtiest doing.  So Joan has been working with chalk pastels and clay.  Her goal is to have fun. (And get dirty)


Joan was not sure what to expect when she joined the Gimli Art Club but has been enjoying it immensely.  She is learning a lot from club mentors and instructors,  and gaining confidence to explore new and “outside the box” ideas.  She is trying new techniques with her pottery work, and seems to be gravitating to themes depicting weather in her work with chalk pastels.  Joan is learning that perfection is not always what is wanted or needed, and that she is very happy to continue to laugh, learn and grow.


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