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Margerit Roger

Margerit has spent many hours wandering the shorelines of Lake Winnipeg.  The textures, sights and sounds have become part of who she is and what inspires her in her beautiful works in clay.


The blue of the sky and the water,

The ochre, green and brown of the shores,

Patterns in sand and rock,

Tiny treasures in nooks and crannies,

Seashells, fish and pebbles,

Soft seaweed and driftwood, 

Craggy rocks and bristly shards,

The roar of windy storms,


The music of ice break-up in springtime,

Soothing lapping water on the sand,

Sunlight dancing on the waves,

Tiny worlds in water pools,

Telling ancient stories.


These are the stories that clay tells me. From ancient shores to my studio and then to your home.

Margerit Roger

Instagram: 4theloveofmud

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