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Marilyn Folson


Marilyn has always had an interest in Art.  It has been the focus of her career and a lifelong joyful preoccupation.  In 2000 she retired from her high school art position in Winnipeg, and moved with her husband, Bob Coulter, to a lake lot near Gimli.  They are happy to have found their Interlake haven.

For many years a sculptor, Marilyn now paints in acrylics.  The work tends to be narrative and open to interpretation.  Recurring themes are innocence and experience, the role of the artist, myth and memory, and what she calls "dream logic". With her intuitive approach, ideas and focus change as the work evolves. She is inspired by the endless storytelling possibilities, and by  the power of the imagination.   


Education: B.A.[U of M], B.ED [U of M], BFA [Nova Scotia College of Art and Design]


Memberships: Gimli Art Club, Cre8ery, Winnipeg Art Gallery



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