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Briony Haig Haig


Briony Haig works in figurative and bas-relief sculpture, painting and animation.  She studied art at the University of Manitoba School of Art, at the teachers program at the Chicago School of Art, drawing at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, and participated in the yearlong Foundation Mentorship program at Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art.  Haig continues to work with her amazing mentor Brenna George. She studied polymer clay at the Northwest Polymer Clay Guild.

Briony has shown in galleries in Winnipeg and Portage la Prairie.   She has always been a part of artistic groups and activities, belonging to many art groups and artist teacher groups.  She taught art in Portage through the ArtSmarts program in the 1990s and in her home studio as well she taught art at Elmwood High School in Winnipeg from 2001- 2015 and learned so much about art through that work. 


Briony is currently on the board of Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art and a member of the Gimli Art Club and the Bechdel Seven artist collective.  She has painted virtually every day of the pandemic and found solace in it.






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